Globex360 :Minimum Deposits

Globex360 is an online investment broker that offers free trade, commission free options trading and low minimum deposit. You can also take advantage of their free day trading platform and free real time streaming quotes. When you open an account with Globex360, the minimum deposit is $25. However, what you need to know is that, to get a VIP account, you have to reach a balance of $50,000. Find out more here.

Globex360 :Key Takeaways


Globex360 :Deposits and Withdrawals

Globex360 offers several methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. These methods include PayFast, BitCoin, Debit, and Credit Cards. Globex360 only accepts payments in the following currencies: USD, EUR, and MMK.

Deposits are free of charge, and withdrawals are free for amounts over 800 EUR/1000 USD, but a fee of 5 EUR/5 USD is charged if smaller amounts are being withdrawn.  Furthermore, a transfer fee could be charged by the bank.  Globex360 will also not cover conversion fees if the trader deposits or withdraws funds from a different currency than that of the trading account – for South African traders this means that all Rand (ZAR) deposits and withdrawals will be charged a conversion fee

Most brokers with Anti-Money Laundering laws in place only allow funds to be withdrawn back to the source. However, Globex360 states that traders can withdraw funds through a different payment method from that used for deposits, as long as it carries the same name and personal information.