Oct 12, 2021

Malleability Definition

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Malleability Definition, The State Of Being Malleable, Or Capable Of Being Shaped, As By Hammering Or Pressing: The Extreme Malleability Of Gold. See More.


Adj. Capable Of Being Shaped Or Formed, As By Hammering Or Pressure. Easily Controlled Or Influenced; Tractable.


Malleability Is The Quality Of Something That Can Be Shaped Into Something Else Without Breaking, Like The Malleability Of Clay. Malleability — Also Called …


Malleability Describes The Property Of A Metal s Ability To Be Distorted Below Compression. It Is A Physical Property Of Metals By Which They …


Malleability Is The Ability Of A Substance, Usually A Metal, To Be Deformed Or Molded Into A Different Shape. For Chemists, The Malleability Of The Metal Gives …


By Definition, Malleability Is The Ability Of A Material To Be Hammered Or Rolled Into Thin Sheets. In Other Words, It Is The Ability To …


The Ability To Be Easily Changed Into A New Shape: The Material s Surprising Malleability Was Previously Unknown. Gold Has Amazing Physical Properties, Such As …


The Definition Of Malleable Is Capable Of Being Shaped Or Changed, Whether Physically Or Mentally. · Easily Controlled Or Influenced. · That Can Be Hammered, …


If You Say That Someone Is Malleable, You Mean That They Are Easily Influenced Or Controlled By Other People. [written].


The Property Of A Substance That Makes It Capable Of Being Extended Or Shaped By Hammering Or By Pressure From Rollers. — Malleable, Adj. … -Ologies & -Isms.

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Malleability Definition

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