Oct 14, 2021


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Opinionated Definition Is – Firmly Or Unduly Adhering To One s Own Opinion Or To Preconceived Notions. How To Use Opinionated In A Sentence.


2 Sticking To An Opinion, Purpose, Or Course Of Action In Spite Of Reason, Arguments, Or Persuasion. An Opinionated Professor Who Often Clashes With …


Your Opinion Is Your View, Belief, Or Judgment. If You Are Opinionated, You Obstinately Hold On To Your Opinions, And You Don t Hesitate To Let Other People …


An Opinionated Person Is Certain About Their Beliefs, And Expresses Their Ideas Strongly And Often: He Was Opinionated And Selfish, But …


Obstinate Or Conceited With Regard To The Merit Of One s Own Opinions; Conceitedly Dogmatic. OTHER WORDS FOR Opinionated. Prejudiced, Biased; Bigoted; Stubborn.


If you describe someone as opinionated, you mean that they have very strong opinions and refuse to accept that they may be wrong. Sue is the extrovert in the …


Having very strong opinions. · Holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one s own opinions. · The definition of opinionated is having, and not being afraid to …


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