Oct 14, 2021

trailing stop order

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A Trailing Stop Is A Stop Order That Tracks The Price Of An Investment Vehicle As It Moves In One Direction, But Not In The Opposite Direction.


A Trailing Stop Order Is A Stop Order That Can Be Set At A Defined Percentage Or Amount Away From The Current Market Price.


A Trailing Stop Loss Order Adjusts The Stop Price At A Fixed Percent Or Number Of Points Below Or Above The Market Price Of A Stock.


A Trailing Stop Order Lets You Track The Best Price Of A Stock Before Triggering A Market Order. Investors Often Use Trailing Stop Orders To Help Limit …


A Trailing Stop Loss Is A Type Of Day Trading Order That Lets You Set A Maximum Value Or Percentage Of Loss You Can Incur On A Trade. If The Security Price …


A trailing stop order is a conditional order that uses a trailing amount, rather than a specifically stated stop price, to determine when to …


A trailing stop, also called a trailing stop-loss, is a type of market order that sets a stop-loss at a specific percentage below an asset s market price, …


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trailing stop order

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